Blarney Bliss

On our second day in Ireland we visited the iconic Blarney Castle,

The bus ride from Cork to Blarney was filled with views of modern businesses blended with traditional Irish architecture. When we arrived at the gate we were greeted with the sounds of birds chirping, a babbling brook and live Irish music. As we made our way from the gates to the castle, the clouds started to break and rays of sunshine highlighted the picturesque stone structure.

Built in 1446, the castle that remains is a stone fortress. While its interior walls and furnishings have long withered away, its rock walls dusted with moss are fascinating to explore. Throughout the structure you get beautiful views of the surrounding area, and you can see sprawling green fields for miles.

But of course, there’s the question you want to ask…did you kiss the Blarney Stone? Well, I thought I would until I saw how high up it was, and discovered that I would have lie on my back, hold onto metal handles, and trust the nice attendant would hold my legs so I wouldn’t fall. So no. I chose to live vicariously through my boyfriend on the experience of kissing the Blarney Stone. I’m sure it’s a lovely experience, but I just didn’t have the courage to do it!

Never fear though, I did enjoy another exciting experience while in Blarney…the Blarney Woolen Mills! Filled with an array of Irish-made treasures, this is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir for yourself or get some gifts for those at home. They’ll ship your purchases home for you too.

Personally, I selected a cream Aran sweater, throw, and lovely red plaid scarf–all of which remind me of the beautiful Irish afternoon I spent in Blarney.

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