Queen For A Day

If you really want to make your trip to Ireland unforgettable, plan to spend at least one night in a castle. With many castles to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which castle to select. After a lot of research, we decided to stay at Dromoland–the perfect choice.

Seeing the castle in the distance made me feel as if I were living in the scene of a movie. Surrounded by rolling green hills, Dromoland was picture perfect. At check-in, we were upgraded to a suite! The bellman showed us to our room and it was amazing. There was a living room area, two dormer windows with window seats, surround sound stereo system, fluffy beds and a large bathroom complete with towel warmers. The room was absolutely lovely, and so lavishly large compared to a typical European hotel room.

After a stroll around the property through the walled garden and by the lake with the swans swimming, it was time for Afternoon Tea in the Drawing Room. Seated at a cozy corner table, the room was elegantly furnished with high ceilings, floral curtains, red-striped wallpaper and plushy overstuffed chairs. We leisurely enjoyed hot tea, finger sandwiches and dainty desserts.

Exploring the interior of the castle was an experience in itself. Around every corner there was art, or armor or some exquisite architectural element to admire.

Dinner at the Earl of Thomond restaurant was a truly wonderful experience. Exquisitely decorated in traditional high class Irish style, the dining room was fit for royalty. The food was absolutely superb in flavor and presentation, and the service was excellent. Next to our table, there was a woman playing a traditional Irish harp. The soft music added a soothing soundtrack to our already perfect dining experience.

Following our meal we went to the cocktail bar to enjoy an after dinner drink while being serenaded by a local singer/songwriter. Set in the castle’s former library, the intimate space with a roaring fire was a great place to wind down an absolutely perfect day.

Waking up the next morning, I had to pinch myself! Our stay at the castle seemed like a dream. From the moment we checked in, until it was time to check out I felt like a queen. Of all of my travels, I must say that our one-night stay at Dromoland is one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had and a memory I shall treasure for years to come.

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