Fish, Chips & Claddaughs

From Dromoland Castle we took the train to our next stop, Galway.

While visiting Ireland (and England), I enjoyed my share of fish & chips. From beer battered to sprinkled with sea salt, spritzed with lemon or just fresh from the fryer, my award for the best version of the classic dish goes to McDonagh’s on Quay Street in Galway.

This place has been serving up fresh fish since 1902, and they really know how to make amazing fish & chips. We ate in the casual Fish & Chips bar, and despite the crazy long line, the service was quick and the food was excellent. The batter was the perfect crispiness, the Cod was the perfect texture and full of flavor, and the chips (peeled and cut on site) were simply superb.

Plus, the restaurant is conveniently located near Thomas Dillon’s of Galway—the oldest maker’s of the Claddaugh Ring. So you can have amazing fish & chips and then pick up a souvenir filled with history. At Thomas Dillon’s you can get sterling and gold Claddaugh rings, brooches, bracelets and more. Plus while visiting the jewelry store, you can check out the museum that explains the history of the ring and its design.
Personally, I selected a sterling silver design—and I wear it all the time as a reminder of our trip to Ireland.

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