Magnificent Manuscripts

No trip to Dublin would be complete without seeing the Book of Kells at Trinity College.
On our first try there was over a two hour wait to get into the exhibit, on our second try, it was an hour and a half wait…so we got in line. We were not disappointed. The first part of the exhibit, “Turning Darkness Into Light” details the process behind the making of the 9th-century manuscripts. From the paper making process to the inks that were used, along with the meaning of the icons in the manuscripts, the exhibit provided great detail on the history of the famous manuscripts.
After the exhibit, you go into a small, dark room to see some of the manuscripts. The detail is incredible–and the fact that the works of art were completed so long ago was quite fascinating. Imagine all that has happened in the world since they were created!
Also included on the tour is entrance into the Long Room in the Old Library. Filled with 200,000 of the Library’s oldest books, the gorgeous book cases and magnificent architecture are quite a sight!
When you are done with the tour, you can check out the bookstore for prints and other reproductions of the manuscripts. Which is a wonderful way to remember your visit, as photographs are not allowed in the exhibit.

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