Where’s the best place to grab a pint in Dublin? Well, there are many fantastic pubs around town, but if you really want a view, you’ve got to enjoy a pint of Guinness in the Zero Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse.

We visited the Guinness Storehouse late in the afternoon. We’d taken one of the touristy double decker buses to St. James’s Gate. On the way there we’d been rained on a few times, and our walk into the Storehouse was very cold with a chilly wind blowing at our backs. I remember how nice it felt to walk into the warm lobby area, and it was fun to see the gift shop on the right filled with every Guinness branded product you could imagine. Next up was to start our tour.

The self-guided tour was very interesting. First, we learned about the key ingredients in Guinness: Water, Barley, Hops and Yeast. After we learned about the ingredients, we went on to learn about the brewing process, next a bit of history about Arthur Guinness and the legendary beverage, then onto an area featuring advertisements through the years—then it was time to visit the Zero Gravity Bar.

When the elevator opened, the bar was packed with Americans sporting Notre Dame gear (they were there for the University of Notre Dame vs. Navy Football Game). To our surprise there were bits of sunlight in the bar area making for a clear view of all of Dublin! We got our complimentary pint (included with admission to the Storehouse) and worked our way around the room, taking in the views of Dublin, reading about each of the places we could see and sipping our pint of the world famous Guinness.
I really don’t think it tastes the same back home, and it’s never quite the right temperature. But just one sip of Guinness takes me back to the Zero Gravity Bar. In my mind I can see the landmarks of Dublin, the way they looked with the hints of sunshine that had made its way through breaks in the clouds and onto the buildings. It also reminds me of the rainbow we saw over the Guinness Storehouse as we drove away on the tour bus.

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