100 Years of Wrigley Field


Ahh…the bleacher seats at Wrigley. Set above the Wall of Ivy, the seating isn’t comfy, but the view is spectacular. In front of you is the playing field, behind you is the famous scoreboard. On a hot day, you may be cooled by a nice breeze coming in off Lake Michigan…and on a cold day…well you may get a real feel for “The Windy City”. Watching a game here is truly an All American experience. From the Chicago hot dogs to the Old Style beer, it’s the quintessential ballpark experience for baseball fans young and old. As of today, the antiquated walls of the Friendly Confines have welcome visitors for 100 years. If you listen closely you can almost hear the roar of the crowd from Opening Day 1914.

What’s your favorite Wrigley Field memory?

Otterly Wonderful Time

In honor of Earth Day, I’d like to share a story about one of my favorite animal encounters.

Last summer I had the unique opportunity to partake in the Sea Otter Experience at the Minnesota Zoo.

It was a hot summer morning when I met trainer Jenny, along with two other participants in the lobby of the zoo. Dressed for 40 degree temperatures in the otter habitat, I was beyond excited to enjoy my birthday gift and get up close and personal with one of my favorite animals.

Our experience started with a presentation about otter behaviors, their habitat and a little Q & A session with Jenny. Then it was time to go to the food prep area. We saw the variety of fish they feed the otters at the zoo and learned how they blend up fish with vitamins and other meds (as needed).

Next up was meeting an otter! Our group worked with Jasper. We went into the training area. We were behind glass, but we got to watch the trainer give Jasper signals and see how he would react. It was fascinating to see how responsive the otter was with Jenny.

Then the exciting part…we got to feed Jasper! For safety reasons, you feed the otter through a small circular hole in the glass. Each person got their own turn and it was so fun to see how excited Jasper interacted with everyone. After the feeding session, it was picture time. Jasper posed behind a half glass wall, so everyone could have a photo to capture the moment.

The final phase of our experience was to set up a learning lab for Jasper. Each of us selected four fishy treats along with some toys, placed them into the enclosure, along with a sled decorated with frozen squid and other fish flavored delights. We left the area, and Jasper was let in to put his playful instincts to work! In no time at all, the treats were gone and Jasper was floating along the water in the sled. Everyone took more photos, and then Jenny brought us to the behind the scenes area of the enclosure to see what the trainers see.

All too soon the experience was over, but what an amazing opportunity!

Opening Day at Target Field

The home of Twins baseball opened its gates today, welcoming fans young and old to celebrate the first home game of the year.

It’s a special year for the stadium as it is set to host the Major League Baseball All Star Game on July 15. Excitement in and around the ballpark is building, and fans were greeted with new banners and merchandise promoting the Midsummer Classic. In addition to the fun stuff, new security measures have been put into place, which now means fans are required to go through metal detectors. They haven’t been installed at every gate, but they will be rolled out to all entrances in the coming weeks.

The Twins also unveiled new foods to enjoy at the park. One of the new additions is the “Butcher & The Boar” stand near Gate 34. Featuring a “Smoke & Fire Rib Tip Basket”as well as their refreshing Jim Beam Punch, this place is sure to be a crowd favorite.

The Twins also made some new additions to the ballpark. They’ve added a Social Media Clubhouse on the upper level where fans can maximize their digital experience and sit on the original clubhouse bench from the Metrodome (home of the Twins from 1982-2009). To add a touch of the Minnesota wilderness, Spartan Juniper trees were added below the Minnie & Paul sign in the outfield. While they don’t replace the Black Spruce trees that were originally in the batter’s eye in centerfield but were removed because of player complaints, it is a nice natural addition to that part of the ballpark.
Spartan Junipers at Target Field
The Minnesota weather cooperated for a lovely start to the All Star season with beautiful blue skies and light breezes. It helped set the stage for what is sure to be another memorable year at Target Field.