All Star Game Concert @ TCF Stadium

It was a beautiful Saturday evening for the All Star Game Concert. The stadium was packed as locally-based Atmosphere took the stage. They played for about 45 minutes to a pretty engaged crowd, waving their hands in the air with many sporting the bullseye printed shades handed out by Target (sponsor of the concert) at the gates. Then as the sun started to sink behind the stadium’s scoreboard, it was time for Imagine Dragons. The mostly twenty to thirty-something crowd was ready to rock, creating a party-like atmosphere in the stadium. They played a high energy set filled with chart-topping singles including “On Top of the World”, “Demons” and “It’s Time.” The band also performed a great rendition of U2’s “With or Without You.” The highlight of the evening was their last song, “Radioactive.” The concert closed out with a spectacular fireworks show which even included a smiley-faced firework that went off as Pharell Williams’ “Happy” played.

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