Mall of America

What to do after days and days of bitter cold followed by foggy wintry days? Head to the Mall of America. I’ll admit, as a local the “awe” factor has somewhat faded over the years, but really it is a great place to meander about. There’s always great people watching, there’s some unique restaurants, like Twin City Grill and Tucci Bennuch, along with a multi-screen movie … Continue reading Mall of America

Lunds and Byerly’s—A Minnesota Classic

The state’s been hit by an arctic blast this week…which has put me in cooking mode! My go-to destination when I’m ready to do some serious cooking is Lunds & Byerly’s, a local chain of upscale grocery stores throughout the Twin Cities metro area. When I can’t be out exploring, I love experiencing new flavors and trying out new recipes—and the aisles of Lunds & … Continue reading Lunds and Byerly’s—A Minnesota Classic

The Minnesota Zoo

One of my favorite places in the entire state is the Minnesota Zoo (it’s actually one of my faves in the world, honestly). Whether it’s the middle of winter, spring, summer or fall I LOVE going there. I think they do a wonderful job of creating respectful habitats for the animals, while offering daily enrichments AND doing their part to help with conservation efforts. There’s … Continue reading The Minnesota Zoo

Humpback Whales @ The Science Museum of Minnesota

I’ll be honest…January days in Minnesota can be downright cold and gloomy. So I decided to kick off my year with a visit to the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Omnitheater, for the Humpback Whales film. Fascinating and stunningly filmed, the show indulged my passion for humpbacks—giants of the deep that sing, breach and exhibit amazing behaviors. It was an ideal way to cut the chill … Continue reading Humpback Whales @ The Science Museum of Minnesota