The Minnesota Zoo

TwoPrairieDogsOne of my favorite places in the entire state is the Minnesota Zoo (it’s actually one of my faves in the world, honestly). Whether it’s the middle of winter, spring, summer or fall I LOVE going there. I think they do a wonderful job of creating respectful habitats for the animals, while offering daily enrichments AND doing their part to help with conservation efforts. There’s a lot of animals throughout the property, but I have to say I’m rather partial to the sea otters, prairie dogs and beavers. Their enclosures allow you to get up close and personal with the species, while gaining insight on the roles and importance of the animals in our daily lives.

I find visiting on mild winter days to be especially nice, as the crowds are smaller and the snow in the outdoor exhibits provides a great backdrop for seeing the animals…it’s one of the few times you can really see the tigers in the Tiger Base Camp.

I’m looking forward to my next visit…as soon as the arctic blast subsides!

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