“America The Beautiful” Macy’s Downtown Minneapolis Flower Show

While the trees outside have yet to bloom, the 8th Floor Auditorium at the Macy’s Downtown Minneapolis is filled with lush plants and flowers. Featuring an “America The Beautiful” theme this year, guests are transported throughout the country with various vignettes showcasing plants from specific regions including the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, New England and the … More “America The Beautiful” Macy’s Downtown Minneapolis Flower Show

Suburbia @ The Minnesota History Center

If you’re interested in the history of Minnesota’s suburban sprawl, the 1950’s or love anything related to Dayton’s Department Store, the Suburbia exhibit at the Minnesota History Center is a must-see. The display showcases how the Twin Cities’ suburban areas began including everything from floorpans of typical housing developments to interior design advertisements, a Chevrolet … More Suburbia @ The Minnesota History Center