“America The Beautiful” Macy’s Downtown Minneapolis Flower Show

While the trees outside have yet to bloom, the 8th Floor Auditorium at the Macy’s Downtown Minneapolis is filled with lush plants and flowers. Featuring an “America The Beautiful” theme this year, guests are transported throughout the country with various vignettes showcasing plants from specific regions including the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, New England and the Rockies. There’s an audio tour guests can follow with their own phones and earbuds, plus the flower display has a plethora of photo opportunities for photographers and instagrammers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Open from March 20 to April 3, the annual flower show has been a classic spring event and a must-see for Minnesotans for decades. Perfect for brightening the dull and gloomy rainy days that will eventually make way for lovely spring weather, the flower show offers a gift shop with flower-themed merchandise, as well as treats. During the event, there’s also in-store flower-related events including a watercolor workshop and chef demonstrations.

It’s ideal for checking out on your lunch break or taking a family trip downtown!

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