A “Welcome Home” Sign of Sorts

Perched on a hillside along Interstate 35 in Glenville, Minnesota, the Round Prairie Lutheran Church feels like a “Welcome Home” sign to me. Just two miles north of the Iowa-Minnesota Border, the little white church has been an iconic landmark on every family road trip, as well as all of my trips home from Drake University. This past weekend was no exception. In fact, not only did we drive by the classic church on the way back from Des Moines, but it was just after the building welcomed us back into the state that the clouds parted and we finally saw some sunshine after a rainy Drake Relays/Garth Brooks concert weekend getaway.

While I’ve never been inside, seeing the quintessential white church building always makes me happy. It’s a little beacon marking that the trip may be reaching its end, but the journey has been safe thus far.

According to the Albert Lea Tribune, the church celebrated its 150th Anniversary last fall. Judging by the photos on the Round Prairie Lutheran website, the church founded by Norwegian immigrants is as charming on the inside as it is on the outside…perhaps next time I should swing by for a service…#MNMondays #RoundPrairieLutheran

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