Deliciously Retro

Is there anything more refreshing than a frosted mug of A&W Root beer?

MugIf you’re in need of a nostalgic dining experience, drive along I-35 to Faribault, MN. There you’ll find the Faribault A&W Drive-In  with carhop service during warmer months and an eat-in restaurant.

If you dine inside, you’ll be greeted by the classic Spokesbear Rooty, along with a mod take on the classic A&W color scheme with table service. Grab a spot to sit, peruse through the menu, and the restaurant’s speedy servers will get you a frosted mug of root beer in no time at all (and refill it while you enjoy your burger and fries).

It’s the ideal place to sip and remember the good ‘ol days of road trips, drive-ins and classic cars. #MNMondays #OnlyinMN #A&WRootbeer #Frostymug



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