Announcing Round the World with Rachael: Dinner & Show – CMA Awards

I’ve had this idea swirling in my head for months…or maybe longer. The idea is to make a dinner that pairs with the theme of a movie or show. As Nashville is one of my beloved travel destinations (and I haven’t been there in over two years), I decided it was officially time to launch this idea for the CMA Awards Night.

In recent years, Nashville has become a destination for foodies. I made my first visit to Music City in 1987, and it was much different back then. But one thing that remains a constant for me is that I always seek out fried chicken. Several years ago I visited Puckett’s in downtown Nashville (there are several locations including one in Franklin). I tried the Country Cobb Salad and fell in love! Since that first visit, I’ve had the fried chicken (amazing) and delicious traditional Southern breakfasts. But this salad is one that I think about often. It has the crunchy fried chicken pairs with crisp lettuce, bacon, and bleu cheese crumbles. On my last visit in 2019, I seriously landed at Nashville Airport and went straight to Puckett’s on Church Street, it’s just that good.

Since I haven’t been back, I decided I wanted to try to recreate this delightful salad at home to enjoy while watching the CMA Awards. It turned out pretty good, but I will say, it wasn’t as amazing. But it was fun to make an attempt. For my at-home version I decided to go with a gluten free recipe that is baked and not fried. (Yeah, doesn’t come close to actual Southern Fried Chicken at Puckett’s).

Here was my finished Country Cobb Salad:

Congrats to all the CMA Awards winners! Cheers to Nashville.

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