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#MnMondays: The Stillwater Lift Bridge

Completed in 1931, the historic aerial lift bridge is an iconic landmark in Stillwater. Spanning over the St. Croix River, and connecting Minnesota and Wisconsin, the famous bridge is crossed by about 18,000 vehicles daily.

Throughout the years, visitors young and old have enjoyed hearing the horn notifying everyone the bridge will be going up, then watching the bridge lift into the air to allow boats of all kinds from large yachts to paddle boats pass through. From the shore, you can stand and wave at the boats as they go, with the passengers usually waving as if they are on parade.

There’s something so simple, yet so fascinating about it that it has continued to lure a crowd for generations. When the river rises too high, the bridge has to close, causing all of the traffic to reroute miles down the road to make the river crossing.

Later in 2016, the construction of a new bridge will be complete, and the famous icon will be converted into a bicycle and pedestrian bridge. While it’ll be nice to have a higher bridge that will always be crossable, it’s sad to see the end of an era in historic downtown Stillwater…

What’s your favorite lift bridge memory?