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Cathedral of Saint Paul

CathedralExteriorIn honor of Holy Week, this week’s Minnesota Mondays feature is about the Cathedral of Saint Paul. Perched high on the hill overlooking our capitol city, the beautiful structure was completed in 1915 and listed on the National Register of Historical Buildings in 1974.

Situated at the corner of Summit and Selby Avenues, the Cathedral offers gorgeous views of the city from its steps. But perhaps the most breathtaking feature of the structure is the interior. There’s an Ernest Skinner organ in the sanctuary and a Aeolian-Skinner organ in the choir loft, plus ethereal stained glass work by Charles Connick. The sanctuary is surrounded by the Shrine of Nations, while the altar features seven bronze grilles demonstrating God’s grace.

Glorious from every angle, the Cathedral of Saint Paul is worth a visit. If you’re timing is right, you’ll hear the bells ring!

Do you have any special Cathedral memories?

O’Gara’s Bar & Grill

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, this week’s Minnesota Mondays post is all about one of the state’s best Irish pubs!

There’s a reason this St. Paul establishment has been around since 1941—the food here is down-home-delicious and the atmosphere combines the feel of an Irish Pub with a local hometown atmosphere. The menu features a variety of American and Irish options, but my favorite is the Fish & Chips. Perfectly beer battered and served with a side of fries and coleslaw, O’Gara’s Fish & Chips are reminiscent of some of the best pubs in Ireland. Looking for something a bit meatier? The Shepard’s Pie is pretty delightful too.

In addition to the menu, the restaurant’s game room was once the home of Carl Schultz’ Barber Shop. He lived along with his son Charles Schultz (the creator of Peanuts) in an apartment above the barber shop. The restaurant features a variety of photos and Peanuts memorabilia, including a Snoopy drawing created especially for Dan O’Gara.

SnoopymemorabiliaCan’t make it to the original location? You can also grab some classic fare to go at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport—Terminal 1 or enjoy special menu items and live music at the Minnesota State Fair at the corner of Dan Patch Avenue & Cosgove Street.

O’Gara’s at the Minnesota State Fair

What’s your fave O’Gara’s memory?

Step Back In Time @ the James J. Hill House

EntryPhotoWith the end of Downton Abbey fast approaching, my desire to get to Highclere Castle has only grown. But until I can get back across the pond, there’s a very special place in St. Paul I can visit to get a taste of Downton—the James J. Hill House, which has recently become known as “Minnesota’s Own Downton Abbey”.

Built by railroad baron James J. Hill in 1891, the magnificent mansion is perched on a hill on Summit Avenue overlooking downtown St. Paul. Stepping inside takes a person back to the Gilded Age. Featuring a grand staircase, fine woodwork by master carver Johannes Kirchmayer and an impressive three-story George Hutchings organ, visitors gain an understanding about high society at the turn of the century.

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In addition, there’s a servant’s hall in the basement, along with a fine dining room with a wooden screen for servants to stand behind and go unnoticed. The grandness and the history is fascinating, and James J. Hill’s role in building our nation’s railroads makes it not only a Minnesota treasure but a national treasure as well.

It’s the perfect place to go when you’re needing a bit of a Downton-esque experience.